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Solutions d’affaires

Alcero a pour ambition d’être le chef de file incontesté dans la création, le développement, l’implémentation, la maintenance et l’évolution d’applications d’affaires (applications) basées sur Office 365, SharePoint et Azure. Une brève description des solutions applicatives pour lesquelles son expertise métier est mise à profit se trouve ci-après.

Services gérés

L’implantation de solutions d’affaires performantes en TI est complexe et demande une multitude d’expertises au sein de votre organisation (développeur, concepteur graphique, expert en architecture d’information, intégrateur, analyse d’affaires et stratégique). Avec son service géré, Alcero peut prendre en charge le déploiement et la maintenance de vos solutions de TI afin que vous puissiez vous consacrer entièrement à vos affaires.


Alcero est un partenaire de premier plan avec sa clientèle. La complexité des technologies d’aujourd’hui exige une complicité dynamique constante avec chaque client afin d’assurer le développement de solutions personnalisées conviviales et performantes ainsi qu’une mise en place et une maintenance optimales. Les services et les solutions conçues par les ressources spécialisées d’Alcero sont fondés sur la méthodologie Alex.


Since 1998, SherWeb has been helping businesses increase agility and trim IT overhead with our best-in-class cloud services. Today, more than 25,000 customers in over 100 countries are working more productively thanks to the added value we build into our wide range of SaaS.


Intlock has been a leader in SharePoint analysis since 2005. Our products - SharePoint Marketing Suite and CardioLog Analytics - provide comprehensive web analytics and online marketing solutions for corporate websites and intranet portals. Intlock lets you thoroughly see the performance of your Web initiatives and portals through tests, tracking and targeting, enabling you to maximize the impact of your site and maximize the return on your investment.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.


With 20 years on the market, GRADIENT is an innovative leader in capturing documents that can digitize from virtually any device, easy import into SharePoint libraries and superior OCR indexing for immediate inventory, search and recovery. GRADIENT helps companies to overcome the barrier of digitization & capture, easily handle batches of mixed-type documents, offer better document recognition and mobility. Being a Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint partner with 11 consecutive Microsoft awards and most importantly customer trust, our values of respect, trust, quality, and integrity stand out at the highest level.

Power IT Expert

Proximity, innovation, transparency and excellence are a reflection of our commitments with our customers. Our teams are all available to listen, process and respond effectively to your needs. On the one hand, with our experience in the field of human resources and convinced of the importance of man in business, we offer innovative services that address all the axes of the HR function covering payroll, recruitment, careers, training, evaluation and well-being. On the other hand, aware of the size of the challenge to which every company is confronted, we offer easy to deploy business solutions as well as web development. Our success is based on our long-term commitment to excellence through innovation, learning and uncompromising dedication to the customer.


Infowise is a leader in developing forms and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. Our flagship product - Ultimate Forms - is a platform that allows employees to easily create and maintain business processes in SharePoint. Ultimate Forms enables you to quickly design, implement, and deliver robust, easy-to-use solutions that meet changing business needs. Ultimate Forms supports all Microsoft SharePoint platforms, including Office 365 and all versions of SharePoint on-site from MOSS 2007, including open platforms such as WSS and SharePoint Foundation. Infowise is a Canadian company in Toronto that was established in 2005.


Collabware is a leader in intelligent information management and collaboration software designed to make teams more productive, increase the protection of high value-added information and help organizations quickly find the information they need to make the best decisions. Our software has been widely deployed in the widely varied fields of mining and natural resources, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, utilities and transportation, entertainment and education, As well as in highly regulated areas of finance and insurance. We serve companies of all sizes and from all continents. Collabware has been recognized by Gartner and Forrester Research as a member of the Microsoft ecosystem to address significant document management functionality deficiencies in SharePoint. Far superior to out-of-the-box solutions, Collabware CLM offers organizations a multitude of advantages and many features.


Colligo is the world leader in SharePoint business critical applications. Our award-winning applications are used by more than 5,000 organizations around the world to increase productivity, simplify collaboration and improve compliance. People use Colligo applications online or offline to deposit, tag, find, view and share email content in SharePoint from a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

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