What are the benefits of Office 365 for your business?

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The optimization of storage and communication processes must be a constant variable for the proper functioning of your company. More and more people are moving to the cloud every day, mainly because many of these processes can improve performance and productivity at work. 

More favorable returns on investment, uninterrupted communication, secure storage and unlimited access are just some of the benefits of Office 365. In this article we want to show you why this modern system has become the flagship tool for hundreds of companies worldwide. 

What is Microsoft Office 365 for Business?

Microsoft Office 365 is a set of tools that allows you to store, manage and administer information through the services it offers, in order to improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Part of the strategies it incorporates are aimed at unlimited access to documents stored in the cloud from any computer or mobile device. Wherever they have an Internet connection, they can access emails, instant chats and, above all, shared documentation of mutual interest, which greatly benefits both on-site and remote workers. 

Thanks to the benefits of Office 365 for business, we can optimize the development of processes, improve their efficiency and convert them, which allows us to improve group and team performance and transform it into a business ally. 

Contracting the Microsoft 365 service is a leap towards the overall progress of your company and in the following minutes we will prove it.

How does Office 365 work?


Office 365 is a cloud-based service that allows you to access it from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. You can connect to Office 365 anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It not only gives you the ability to access important documents, but also basic services such as email and the entire Office suite. 

Office 365 offers a variety of plans, depending on the size of your company and the number of employees. Each plan comes with different features and options that you can customize according to your individual needs and interests. 

It is currently one of the favorite tools to meet all the needs of your organization, in terms of productivity, flexibility and efficiency. But not only that, thanks to Office 365, you and your company could benefit in the following ways…

1. Safe storage

For many people, investing in a cloud storage system continues to seem risky. However, the reality is that secure storage is one of the main benefits of Office 365. How can we guarantee it? Easy. Microsoft Office 365 for Business enables:

  • Immediate threat detection and removal, which is especially beneficial when handling sensitive data. 
  • Encrypted messages that make it impossible for third parties to read any type of sensitive material. 
  • Use on mobile devices in a controlled manner. This means that you can manage security policies, reports and even have the option to delete a linked device in case of theft or failure. 
  • This ensures that even if your employees log in from different devices, their data remains secure.

2. Return on investment

Another great benefit of Office 365 for business is the unmatched return on investment rate. 

But how is this possible? When you purchase Office 365 services, you don’t have to worry about acquiring accounts that you won’t need. The investment corresponds only to the number of employees your company has and within them you can set different levels. 

That is, those employees with the highest ranks will be able to access more specific functions, while the rest of your employees can use more basic versions of the tool. 

This itself makes the scalability of the tool possible, as a direct benefit in Office 365. Adding and removing licenses in case you hire new staff is as simple as a couple of clicks and it is even easier if you have an administrator of this cloud service like Alcero

3. Unlimited access

The Microsoft Office 365 tool for businesses allows us unlimited access. This means that regardless of whether we access them locally or remotely, we will still have easy access to them from anywhere in the world. 

Therefore, there will be no way to miss the internal processes that may be taking place in the office. It will be enough to have a mobile device with the necessary access and an internet access point, to be able to display all the information that you or any of your collaborators need, to stay connected even remotely. 

This is one of the great benefits of Office 365.

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4. More efficient communication

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One of the main drawbacks with remote work is precisely that of communication. However, one of the most acclaimed benefits of Office 365 is its great ability to establish effective communication with all your collaborators. 

You will be able to establish a communication network that allows you to notify the rest of your team about important processes through instant messaging, access to calls and video calls, send emails and also edit documents directly from the cloud. 

5. Automatic and/or remote support

Finally, another benefit of Office 365 for Business is that updates are usually scheduled automatically, ensuring that you are always up to date.

Acquire all the benefits of Office 365 from Alcero

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