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Business solutions

Alcero aims to be the undisputed leader in the creation, development, implementation, maintenance and evolution of business applications based on Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. A brief description of the application solutions for which its business expertise is put to use is given below.

Managed services

The implementation of high-performance IT business solutions is complex and requires a multitude of expertise within your organization (developer, graphic designer, information architecture expert, integrator, business and strategic analysis). With its managed service, Alcero can take care of the deployment and maintenance of your IT solutions so that you can focus entirely on your business.


Alcero is a leading partner with its customers. The complexity of today’s technologies requires constant dynamic complicity with each client in order to ensure the development of user-friendly and high-performance personalized solutions as well as optimal implementation and maintenance. The services and solutions designed by Alcero’s specialized resources are based on the Agile methodology.

Using Document Management Solutions To Improve Efficiency In Remote Work Environments

Remote work environments are more prevalent than ever, and with COVID-19 still lurking and talks of a second lockdown, remote work may become essential in certain locations around the world. However, while there are a lot of advantages to this type of work environment, there are also challenges when it comes to maintaining structure and […]

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The Difference Between SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server

SharePoint has become a key tool for companies managing their data and information. It is an online tool that allows you to easily organize, store, share and access documents using both mobile and desktop devices. Currently, SharePoint offers two product options – SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server, and in this article, we’re going to go […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Using SharePoint for Your Business

Many companies are often using outdated legacy systems to share, organize and edit their files. This can lead to suboptimal productivity, and it should be rectified by using newer technologies such as SharePoint. SharePoint is meant to upgrade the document management system of your company, allowing you to take advantage of next generation features. So […]

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The benefits of extranet for the company

The benefits of extranet have changed the way different corporate activities are managed in the 21st century. The tools employed by the available technology increase the range of productivity of employees and collaborators which improves the internal and external logistics of the company. The managers and coordinators of a company are constantly concerned about external […]

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Two technological tools for the company: intranet and extranet

Intranet and extranet are indispensable platforms for efficient and collaborative internal and external business processes. The intranet is a platform that originated in 1995 when it emerged as a simple web page that has evolved into a corporate information system with internal management tools. The extranet is a word that comes from the combination of […]

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Advantages of the electronic document management system

An efficient electronic document management system protects and organizes the information generated in the company. The technology of the 21st century is updated at an accelerated pace, this requires the competitive management of business processes through updated software that solves problems of storage and distribution of information. Traditional methods of managing documents are obsolete in […]

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