SharePoint as a content management system for enterprises


Enterprises regularly process a wide range of material, including documents, photographs, videos, emails, and web content. It’s also a significant challenge for them to correctly arrange all of this content to be found and retrieved quickly and efficiently. 

Enterprise content management software comes to the rescue here, as it was created primarily to assist large companies in overcoming this obstacle.

ECM should be flexible and feature-rich to satisfy the content management needs of businesses. And we can confidently claim that SharePoint is a strong contender for the job. 

Our trust is based on years of SharePoint consulting and growth experience. We can assure you that handling other types of content is not a challenge for SharePoint, having seen the platform’s robust capabilities for document management.

SharePoint has ECM capabilities

We explain how SharePoint helps streamline enterprise content management, which consists of four elements, based on our experience with projects, including implementing a document management system and a records management system.

Control of Documents

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  • Centralized storage: All documents are stored in SharePoint repositories so that users can search, retrieve, and share them quickly.
  • Metadata management: This feature helps you to create groups or term sets for more accessible document organization in SharePoint repositories.
  • Collaboration on a document: SharePoint allows for real-time document sharing. A document may be edited by several users simultaneously, which speeds up document completion and boosts the efficiency of document-related business processes.
  • Control of access: From reading Only to Full Control, SharePoint offers a range of permission levels to help safeguard confidential information against unauthorized access.
  • Audit trail: SharePoint provides detailed information on all document-related activities, such as who modifies, copies, or shares it, throughout its life cycle

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Management of Digital Assets

  • Libraries of media assets: These SharePoint libraries are designed for graphic, audio, and video file management. They include specific content types with more metadata than standard document libraries, thumbnail views for quick asset browsing, and pop-ups that play videos directly from a document folder.
  • Media players built-in: This SharePoint feature allows you to play video and audio files from an intranet, a portal, publishing sites, team sites, and other locations.

Management of records

Records are used for legal purposes and serve as proof of transactions and obligations because they are complete and cannot be changed.

  • A safe repository: Encryption, data loss prevention, two-factor authentication, and other SharePoint features help keep records safe.
  • Policies for data retention and deletion: SharePoint allows you to set record retention periods based on the compliance regulations that your company must follow. The relevant files are automatically deleted after a set period has passed.
  • Legal research is simple: The eDiscovery Center in SharePoint is a specialized site collection for quickly identifying and delivering electronic information that can be used as evidence. 

The eDiscovery Center allows users to search for content and place holds on it, ensuring that a copy of the content is preserved while allowing users to work with it. A user can also export content and track the status of holds and exports associated with specific content.

Web Content Management

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  • Templates that can be reused: SharePoint provides templates for creating and publishing web content quickly and easily.
  • The look and feel must be consistent: Because of reusable page layouts, different content authors can maintain branding and navigation consistency across all SharePoint portals.
  • Deployment and management at a low cost: SharePoint saves money on software because it allows you to create an intranet, extranet, and internet sites.

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