What is a document management system?

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Implementing Document Management Systems (DMS) has become a common practice at the enterprise level. Surely, at least a couple of times you have heard this term so popular at the administrative level. But what exactly is it, what is its function and what are its benefits? 

Stay tuned, in this article we present everything you need to know.

What is document management?

Document management consists of the capture, registration, administration and storage of all documents that come into our organization, whether in digital or analog form.

A document management system allows us to keep an orderly, specialized and universal record of the processes. 

This allows us to ensure that regardless of the place where the information is collected, everyone, without exception, has access to the documents that have been shared. 

Thanks to this, it is possible to create an interdepartmental process, capable of providing access and follow-up to the same document, regardless of its origin, nature, version or modifications. In this way, accessibility to management processes becomes simpler, more practical and efficient for all employees. 

What is document management software? 

Having a clear understanding of what document management is (action), we can understand that document management software (tool) is the means that allows us to carry out the whole process described in the previous lines. 

It is a complex system that, in a simplified, secure and practical way, makes it possible to manage the organization’s documents without compromising the efficiency and quality of other processes that run in parallel. Whether you are a small company or a global corporation, there is a document management system that adapts to your needs.

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Benefits of using management software

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So far we have talked about the general benefits of incorporating a document management system in the institution. But what about the particular or specific advantages? 

Pay attention to the following: 

  • Document management systems reduce paper work.
  • Searching, tracing and document retrieval exercises become more efficient. 
  • A document management system serves as an automated digital document organization and storage center.
  • On a financial level, implementing a fully digital system can reduce operating costs and increase productivity. 
  • Increases access and visibility into business processes.
  • It can analyze image-based files, take metadata tags into account and search virtually any file type, including e-mails and PDFs.
  • The time you spend searching for documents, making copies, organizing files and archiving them can be spent on other more important tasks. 
  • It enables transparency in the processes and the participation of all collaborators, without the need to share the same physical space, which, of course, speeds up the workflow. 

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Facilitate your processes with the help of a document management system 

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It’s time to enjoy the convenience of document management software. You no longer have to worry about exhaustive searches, which can take hours, days or even weeks in traditional storage modes. 

To do so, implement a highly efficient management system, such as SharePoint, in your processes. 

Is SharePoint a document management system? Indeed, and it is one of the most popular of its kind. So if you are interested in adding it to your management processes, please contact us. 

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