These are the reasons that will make you migrate to the cloud 2022

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Legacy on-premise technology is slowly being replaced by business and IT leaders around the world with more flexible, cost-effective computing power in the cloud and extensive scalability. 

The reasons why your company should invest in a cloud migration process are many. However, while the process is not exactly easy, if the planning and development is done the right way, your cloud experience will be unprecedented. 

After conducting extensive research we have come to the conclusion that there are a number of tangible benefits that result from the process of migrating to the cloud. These are: 

  • Fostering digital transformation  
  • Reduction of IT costs 
  • Improved safety levels 
  • Centralized data management 
  • Digital evolution 
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • No more inflexible contracts 
  • Increased capacity for growth and expansion 

In addition to giving you a more accurate picture of these benefits, we will also give you some tips on how to make the process of migrating to the cloud maximize your investment without experiencing difficulties along the way. 

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Fostering digital transformation

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In a globalized world, digital transformation is a necessity. For this reason, it is not surprising that hundreds of companies have undergone this process in recent years. 

Part of the objective of migrating to the cloud is to obtain incremental value from existing assets. This is because advances in cloud computing have digitized hundreds of basic functions involving data analysis processes and more. 

As you move further away from traditional technologies and closer to the process of migrating to the cloud, you will notice how your company’s recurring tasks can increase productivity, innovate and achieve new and modern sources of revenue. This proves that moving to the cloud brings unimaginable possibilities. 

Reduction of IT costs

IT infrastructure represents one of the primary investment expenditures for companies. Within the cloud, IT experts can structure resources in such a way that only those resources that are needed are used. This would result in unique business requirements that in the long run would lead to a large reduction of unnecessary expenses. 

Instead of setting a budget in advance, migrating to the cloud allows you to adjust costs during the process, thus avoiding unnecessary hardware and rigid local assets. 

Improved safety levels

Another of the main reasons why many are still hesitant to migrate to the cloud is the issue of security. Let us tell you that security continues to be one of the essential factors for the development of these modern cloud communication systems. 

Any IT infrastructure can be modernized and adapted to your company’s practices, in order to reduce and eliminate any attempt to breach the information handled there. 

However, it is a mistake to think that the cloud itself is secure just because it exists. The reality is that, as we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, this security stems from your company’s good practices and the implementation of strategies in terms of security measures and policies.

Centralized data management

Of the great advantages offered by cloud storage and communication, one of the most practical is centralized data management. All back-end tasks can be assigned to third-party groups, i.e. IT experts capable of managing your company’s resources. 

This leads to significant improvements in the administration and organization of resources and, consequently, increases the efficiency of your company in general.   

This shows that the role of IT experts is essential not only when migrating to the cloud, but also in the subsequent tasks

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Digital evolution

Migrating to the cloud will not only allow you to access benefits such as unlimited storage or access to your company’s important content from anywhere in the world. 

A clear example is machine learning or artificial intelligence. However, your company can also benefit from the use of complex tools related to the use, storage and management of data

Increased productivity and efficiency levels

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Productivity and work efficiency are two key issues in the development of contemporary global economies. Migrating to the cloud and, consequently, having access to IT tools are indispensable in order to keep up with and surpass the growth rate of competitors. 

When you store your files and information in the cloud you realize that you don’t need external resources, because up to 99% of the information you need lies there. You don’t have to wait weeks or even months to access the information you need. 

By simply increasing capacity with the help of your suppliers, you will be able to adapt to the needs of a world as competitive as ours. 

No more inflexible contracts

Another major reason why many companies choose to migrate to the cloud is because of cumbersome end-of-service deadlines for hardware and software. For companies and IT leaders alike, the issue of dealing with inflexible contracts has become a nuisance that they prefer to avoid. 

Therefore, migrating to the cloud becomes the preferred option. The different services found in it are adjustable, can be improved during the process and can be scaled according to demand. In addition to not having to worry about the expiration of contracts, updates or life cycles. 

You can access the latest updates, without the need to be tied to contracts that show no degree of flexibility

Promotes growth and expansion

Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of implementing IT in your company. If your interest is to grow, regardless of the type of expansion that is established in your strategy, i.e. organic, mergers or acquisitions, with the migration to the cloud you can achieve it. 

Migrating to the cloud will allow you to integrate any acquisitions you make into existing structures. In addition, you can scale on demand and make data management more flexible. 

All of this will lead to a more organized development that will favor the growth and expansion that you have always wanted for your business system. 

What is the process to follow to migrate to the cloud?

Now that you know all the benefits of migrating to the cloud, you need to know that it will be possible to obtain them only if your company has the capacity to move the local IT infrastructure to the cloud

Our company is aware of the difficulties of making this transition without interrupting regular activities, so we have implemented programs that are able to meet this need. 

Through what is called the Migration Acceleration Program, organizations can follow a three-phase approach: 

  • Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) phase
  • Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP) phase
  • The Migration Phase

During this process, you and your team need to ask the following questions: 

  1. Are we ready to operate from the cloud? 
  2. If not, what efforts are we making to be prepared? 
  3. Why have we decided to migrate to the cloud? What is the business objective behind it? 
  4. What will be the financial effects of this decision?

If you are able to argue in favor of each of these concerns you will know that you are making the right decision. You must remember that these processes take time and if they are not executed by highly trained teams, the results can waste your time, means and resources

However, if you believe that your arguments are sufficient to migrate to the cloud, it is time to move. While it is true that during the planning phase a route to follow will be established, in the event of any hitches along the way, it is always possible to rectify and refine the initial plan. 

Migrating to the cloud is possible thanks to expert services

Planning a cloud migration process is not a simple job. Moving away from traditional IT requires more than just centralizing content. It is often necessary to update applications that are used regularly, so that they are also optimized to be in the cloud. 

For this reason, Alcero offers our Strategic Planning, Business Processes and IT Solutions services. Our experience will make this process simpler and hassle-free. 

Contact us right now at 514 316-5064 or email [email protected] and ask for more information or an estimate. Our experts will provide you with the best IT solutions in the Quebec area