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Business solutions

Alcero aims to be the undisputed leader in the creation, development, implementation, maintenance and evolution of business applications based on Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. A brief description of the application solutions for which its business expertise is put to use is given below.

Managed services

The implementation of high-performance IT business solutions is complex and requires a multitude of expertise within your organization (developer, graphic designer, information architecture expert, integrator, business and strategic analysis). With its managed service, Alcero can take care of the deployment and maintenance of your IT solutions so that you can focus entirely on your business.


Alcero is a leading partner with its customers. The complexity of today’s technologies requires constant dynamic complicity with each client in order to ensure the development of user-friendly and high-performance personalized solutions as well as optimal implementation and maintenance. The services and solutions designed by Alcero’s specialized resources are based on the Agile methodology.

Business problems and opportunities can be very different from one organization to another. Our Alex™ methodology, which we have been using and improving since 1995, allows us to establish clearly, from the beginning of the process, objectives specific to the implementation of solutions that fully meet your expectations.
Here is an overview of the four major steps we take in implementing a solution.



  • Understanding of business needs
  • Audit to identify needs, problems and opportunities
  • Detailed analysis of functional requirements


  • Governance
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Solution modelling
  • Information architecture modelling
  • Migration strategy


  • Solution development
  • Architecture development
  • Adjustment to shared services in SharePoint/Office 365.


  • Deployment and migration
  • Change management strategy
  • Documentation and training
  • Technical support and fine tuning

Alcero’s modelling and implementation model is grounded in extensive experience, well-honed expertise and best practices. In itself, a technology solution is useless if users do not adopt the new features available to them. The solutions that Alcero implements have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your employees’ work processes, and our proven methodology helps your people embrace and contribute to the changes from the very first step of implementation.

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