Return On Investment (ROI)

The implementation of a business solution by experts like Alcero comes at a cost. In too many cases, organizations underestimate the human and financial resources needed to maintain, support and improve an intranet, extranet or integrated document management system on the SharePoint or Office 365 platform.

A thorough understanding and knowledge of all costs are essential for the appreciation and optimal use of Alcero’s managed service. Here are a few of the benefits to consider:

  • Direct cost savings
    • Specialized personnel
    • Reduction of instances of non-compliance
    • Improvement of team productivity
    • Reduction in unproductive time
  • Indirect cost savings
    • Improvement of teamwork
    • Saved management time
  • Qualitative impacts
    • Strengthening of quality management
    • Improvement of process control
    • Improved image with clients and colleagues within the organization
Return On Investment (ROI)

Aside from the various cost-control benefits, other competitive and operational benefits can be important in evaluating the use of our managed service