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Business solutions

Alcero’s mission is to be the undisputed leader in the creation, development, implementation, evolution and improvement of business applications based on Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. Here is a brief description of the application solutions benefitting from Alcero’s proven expertise.

Managed Services

Implementing effective IT solutions for business is a complex process, requiring several types of expertise within your organization (developer, graphic designer, information architect, integrator, business and strategic analysts). With its managed services, Alcero is able to take charge of the deployment and maintenance of your IT solutions, letting you focus on your business.


Alcero is a top-tier partner for its clients. The complexity of today’s technology requires constant and dynamic collaboration with each client, in order to ensure the development of user-friendly, productive custom solutions with optimal installation and maintenance. The services and solutions designed by Alcero’s specialists are based on the Alex methodology.

In order to simplify support requests and serve you better, we use a ticket-management system. Each support request is assigned a unique ticket number that allows you to monitor progress and answers online. You must provide a valid email address in order to submit a support ticket.


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